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    CJA & Associates and 412i, 419, and Other Abusive Plans‎
    by Lance Wallach - in 47 Google+ circles
    Nov 27, 2012 - For help with CJA & Associates and 412i, 419, and other abusive plans contact Lance Wallach at or call 516-938-5007.
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    Oct 13, 2011 - He writes about 412(i), 419, and captive insurance plans. ... by the IRS concerning plans in connection with CJA & CJA and Associates.
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    tions constitute ordinary and necessary business expenses, however, the amount of the deduction is limited by sections 419 and 419A of the Code. What do ...
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    Naples, Florida - ‎Vice President & Chief Actuary at CJA & Associates
    Vice President & Chief Actuary at CJA & Associates ... Benefit Plans, 401(k) Defined Contribution Plans, 419A(f)(6) and 419(e) Welfare Benefit Plans, Sec.
    Class Action Filed against CJA and Associates and Fidelity Security ...‎
    by Lance Wallach - in 47 Google+ circles
    Jun 1, 2012 - 412i, 419e plans litigation and IRS Audit Experts for abusive ... Class Action Filed against CJA and Associates and Fidelity Security Life ...
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    Lance Wallach - The Nation's Foremost 419 and 412i plans expert

  2. 6707A Penalties & 419 Plans Litigation
    412i, 419e plans litigation and IRS Audit Experts for abusive insurance based plans deemed reportable or listed transactions by the IRS.Benistar,412i Lawsuits,419 lawsuits,412i Help,419 Help, IRS Audits,412i Problems,412i problems, Expert Witness Lance Wallach,412i Help,419 Help, Benistar Lawsuits, 412i lawsuits,419 lawsuits,6707a Penalties,6707a lawsuits,6707a problems

    Published Articles on VEBA Plans by Lance Wallach:
    Monday, February 25, 2013

    Pacific Life Insurance Co.

    Gordon Lee

    Re: Life Policy # VF51683620

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I bought a One Million Dollard Life policy from your company in 2007 for Gordon H. Lee, Welfare Benefit Trust under 419 Plan. I particularly relied on the fact that your company had reviewed the plan and allowed your companies insurance into the plan. I have read a lot about other people being audited in this plan, and also about lawsuits against the plan and your company. I have also read some documents about your executives comments about this plan, and what they should have know with respect to the plan. I have discussed this with a lawyer who has been suing insurance companies in this respect. I do not especially want to sue, I just want to be made whole. If you are interested in discussing this I would like to do so.

    I have also discussed my situation with two people who have been writing extensively about these plans in publications. I told them that I would hope that your excellent company would make good to me, on a plan that they approved putting their insurance into. I told them that they do not have my permission to use my name at this time. If you want to settle with me they will never have my permission.

    I got audited in April of 2009 by IRS. Not only do I have to pay the tax on the income I excluded according to the 419 Plan for the Insurance Premium I paid to Pacific Life, I have to pay interest and penalty. Most devastatingly is the Sec. 6707A Penalty which was $200,000 for the Trust, and $100,000 for each individual each year. I now understand that the law is changed and the fine for not reporting will be a little less You and your agent never told me that I had to file the forms. I can prove that your company knew that there was a problem with the plan and the IRS.

    I did as Kevin Lee, your Broker/Agent to research with Pacific Life about the legality and applicability about this 419 Plan. And according to Kevin Lee, Pacific LIfe gave a green light on every aspect of this application. I did not want life insurance, just a legitimate tax deduction. I now have life insurance that I did not want, and have lost my tax deduction. I also owe money to the IRS.

    Because I partially relied on Pacific Life, therefore, it is would be fair for your company to cover my losses. If I sue I am sure that I will probably win. I have done extensive research into what is happening with respect to your company and these plans. I have also gotten a lot of information from the IRS.